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Grits to Glitz

We both started in Tennessee, but one of us moved to Las Vegas. We make each other laugh and we hope we make you laugh, too.

Sep 25, 2016

Bay would visit ALL the grocery stores! But only in the pursuit of turkey dinner perfection.... and other cookery items. Listen, this is the most imp't thing: BAY VISITED AMY IN LAS VEGAS! (And the town may never be the same again.) Coming soon: French Bulldogs! Friends of the show Kim and Lin! Other friends of the show...

Sep 5, 2016

Do we ever have travel plans! Well, Bay does. She's going to visit Amy in Las Vegas! And it's all we can talk about! And Hollywood feuds and messy stores and stuff! Seriously, it's really very hard to write notes about such an eclectic group of topics. Give it a listen, and let us know what you feel we left out....