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Cell phones pockets, tasty Triscuits growing in the yard, Shazam and smacking your Mama when she gets the song right -- how much more insane can this episode get? I'll tell you how much -- Barbra and Liza and data managers and nap technology, and some protesting and Vocabulary Vixen, and OMG, We Changed Our Theme Song?! Bay and Amy are off to a wild ride for a podcast this week. Call us to complain! 44-222-96-2-69!!!
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Why weren't you in Vegas? All the cool kids were there! We're heavy on travelogue, light on notes this episode. We relive our giddy weekend and share with you the behind the scenes drama, the gambling and carousing exploits, the dining and dancing on tables...y'all do remember dancing on tables, right?

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What's the worst that could happen in 2017?

OH so many things could go wrong in 2017... but we have the OH SO RIGHT event that will be Vegas Grits to Glitz Gabbing, Giggling, Gambling, Gourmandizing, and Gamboling Gathering! Tonight, we cover Amy's Christmas trip to East Tennessee, and Bay rhapsodizes about china, DVD's, and having Amy around for Christmas. (And there's the bunny trail about bargain hunting with our mother. That was pretty cool.) Call us! 44-222-96269!
 VGGGGGGGG Goodies to Anticipate!
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How much work do we put into decorating? And are we ready for Christmas yet? Is Tennessee still standing? What are we going to do when Amy is home for the holidays? Are we social enough? Or are we going to be more social when Bay goes to Las Vegas in January? Only 4.5 weeks 'til VGGGGG!!! Write to us at!
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Hi! I'm Amy and I'm in Las Vegas! And for a few days in January, BAY is going to be in Las Vegas! And at least a couple of listeners! And a real, live Las Vegas podcaster who talks about actual Las Vegas!* And you should be there, too!

This super quick episode is just an announcement of the big event. We hope you can join us for the fun. Call us at 44-222-96269 or write to us at! See you in January!

*He called us affable. In a very non-snarky way.

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And does she know about ...? Once again, we started a show without any notes, and Bay didn't even drink a cocktail first (for fear she would keel over asleep if she did)! But we still managed to record a whole podcast, and no ecosystems were harmed! Save us from extroverts, and how's the election going in your neck of the woods? Are we still going to have an infrastructure to podcast with in two weeks? We'll find out! Scandal and mayhem and food! AND! There's a strange man in Amy's spare bedroom. Typical Grits to Glitz, y'all! Call us!!!! 44-222-96269!
- Ecosphere niftiness!
- Is it safe to come out from under this rock yet?
(Language lab required)
(Alternatively, invest in "SPECIAL" stickers)
- Prerequisite: Vacuum Sealer 101
(Virtual classroom access required)
- What the heck are PBA's?
(The man in charge, that is) 
(You know, your boss!)
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Why, Amy, of course! From hanging out with listeners to hanging out with French Bulldog show people, she's been quite the most popular podcaster around! Bay just went out to dinner and then got all cultured and whatnot. It's a party! We even managed to talk about politics. (We've got to stop that!) It's a do-over to keep us on an even keel. Hey! Welcome to our new iHeartRadio listeners! Write to us at!

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Oh, my goodness, food is going missing all over the place! At least we know who ate the Fritos. What about the monkey bread?! This is a typical Grits to Glitz because we talk about a lot of crazy stuff, and we talk about food a lot. We like food. For instance, other than our keen interest in missing food, we also recap Mediterranean restaurants on both coasts and Asian fusion in Las Vegas. Frenchies galore in Las Vegas! Brace yourself for *those* kisses! Music! Culture! Gossip! It's all here. Call us! 44-222-96269!!!

- Cool Classic Ranch Fritos!

- Big Ass Ferris Wheel!

Neon Museum!

KoMex Asian fusion!

- Bay's favorite thing about Knoxville this month: Yassin's Falafel House!

- Amy's hair survived! Aveda Institute of Las Vegas!

Monkey bread recipe!

- We got Lana from FBRN so we love them extra!

- Can't wait to see Frenchies at French Bulldog Nation Specialty thingie!

- University of Tennessee/Knoxville choruses!

- Bay's favorite part of the UTK fall choral concert - Er ist gekommen!

- Knoxville Opera Comp'ny presents Pirates! Of Penzance!

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Bay would visit ALL the grocery stores! But only in the pursuit of turkey dinner perfection.... and other cookery items. Listen, this is the most imp't thing: BAY VISITED AMY IN LAS VEGAS! (And the town may never be the same again.) Coming soon: French Bulldogs! Friends of the show Kim and Lin! Other friends of the show Fey Driver and Steve from The Strip Podcast! Bidets! Museums! Art shops! The awesome Big Ass Ferris Wheel (a.k.a., "the High Roller," but Big Ass Ferris Wheel is so much more appropos)!!! Drunk shopping! AMY BOUGHT A CAR!!! We had a blast. Write to!!
- Lincolns are cool cuz Amy has one!
- Neon is cool cuz Las Vegas has some!
- French Bulldogs are cool cuz sooooo cute!
- Art (tchotchkes) is (are) cool cuz it's for sale!
    (WARNING: The next link is loud, so turn down your speakers. Darn you, Auto Play!)
- High Roller is cool cuz yikes this drink is strong!
- Bidets are cool cuz clean butts!
- Absinthe is cool cuz filthy dirty fun!
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Do we ever have travel plans! Well, Bay does. She's going to visit Amy in Las Vegas! And it's all we can talk about! And Hollywood feuds and messy stores and stuff! Seriously, it's really very hard to write notes about such an eclectic group of topics. Give it a listen, and let us know what you feel we left out. (Bay's boss thinks Grits to Glitz should be reviewing "Stranger Things." Vote today!) Call us! 44-222-96269!
- Ross Dress for Less is a mess! (Ad first, sorry) 
- Magpies Bakery!
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