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Grits to Glitz

We both started in Tennessee, but one of us moved to Las Vegas. We make each other laugh and we hope we make you laugh, too.

Oct 10, 2016

Oh, my goodness, food is going missing all over the place! At least we know who ate the Fritos. What about the monkey bread?! This is a typical Grits to Glitz because we talk about a lot of crazy stuff, and we talk about food a lot. We like food. For instance, other than our keen interest in missing food, we also recap Mediterranean restaurants on both coasts and Asian fusion in Las Vegas. Frenchies galore in Las Vegas! Brace yourself for *those* kisses! Music! Culture! Gossip! It's all here. Call us! 44-222-96269!!!

- Cool Classic Ranch Fritos!

- Big Ass Ferris Wheel!

Neon Museum!

KoMex Asian fusion!

- Bay's favorite thing about Knoxville this month: Yassin's Falafel House!

- Amy's hair survived! Aveda Institute of Las Vegas!

Monkey bread recipe!

- We got Lana from FBRN so we love them extra!

- Can't wait to see Frenchies at French Bulldog Nation Specialty thingie!

- University of Tennessee/Knoxville choruses!

- Bay's favorite part of the UTK fall choral concert - Er ist gekommen!

- Knoxville Opera Comp'ny presents Pirates! Of Penzance!