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Grits to Glitz

We both started in Tennessee, but one of us moved to Las Vegas. We make each other laugh and we hope we make you laugh, too.

Jun 27, 2016

Don't answer that; it's a trap! This week's episode is a little long and rambly -- hey! we heard that! and yes, they are mostly long and rambling -- but it's kind of fun. Bay is having fits planning her September trip to Las Vegas; Amy's beloved Lana vetoes a luxurious potty experience; smart phone video games are dissected disturbingly thoroughly, and we follow up on our Tennessee movie madness with a forlorn footnote. Retread Text Theatre makes a comeback with major calendar action!!! CALL US!!! 44-222-96269!!!

- Fresh Patch Real Grass
- Shall We Date (not a Q, but a game... and kinda creepy!)
- Pretty La Reve at the Wynn in Las Vegas
- Bay's Neko Atsume needs to reset
- Amy's gone criminal with Kleptocats!
- Who else KILLED with CARMAGGEDON?!