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Grits to Glitz

We both started in Tennessee, but one of us moved to Las Vegas. We make each other laugh and we hope we make you laugh, too.

Jul 5, 2016

Bay and Amy wax rhapsodic about homegrown tomatoes -- even those purchased at the farmer's market -- and lots of other things, like: fixing the voice mail (thx, Cap't Scott!), grocery store booze, booze (spiced rum, lime liqueur, etc.), popular puppy dogs, places we want to visit, things we'll do someday, and the usual assortment of bunny trails. It's an extra episode, y'all! Can we make it to 300 before our 10th anniversary?! or!
- Do you love "Love"? It's changed!
- Do you crave a Vegas podcast? Try Vital Vegas!
- Do you have summer? Eat a tomato sandwich!