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Grits to Glitz

We both started in Tennessee, but one of us moved to Las Vegas. We make each other laugh and we hope we make you laugh, too.

Aug 23, 2006

Special edition! Grits to Glitz is dishing the Project Runway dirt on a more timely basis now -- Wednesday night, as soon as the show wraps! You'll get all our thoughts, from loving the designers' moms to cursing about the jerks. Get the scoop, hot off the presses, no need to wait!

Aug 20, 2006

Project Runway chat -- don't say "fat"!!!! -- and the addictive nature of Stuff On My Cat! Amy's got a new computer and scooty new chair, but Bay behaved herself at the DMV. An "only in Las Vegas" moment; "Dancing With the Stars" pre-season dish session; and the newly renamed Glitz Hit is wicked fine show! Finally, Amy...

Aug 14, 2006

Lots of old business, from Project Runway's Tim Gunn insider gossip to the coolness of last week's 5 Questions Podcast! Our Meals of the Week consist of a darned good Las Vegas buffet and a totally wretched "Don't Eat Here With or Without Bay" East Tennessee tourist trap. How much do we love this week's Podcast of the...

Aug 10, 2006

More love for Project Runway and the men who do/don't watch it with us! Amy and Bay both had yard situations of various sorts, and Bay suffered through the trauma of her first selling experience on eBay. But wait -- Amy brings home the Oscar for amateur filmmaking fun, and we continue telling our favorite sibling...

Aug 2, 2006

Theme? We don't need no stinking theme! Bay and Amy talk Vegas news, anticipate the big shocker on Project Runway, and compare and contrast entertainment options in Tennessee vs. Las Vegas. And there is great rejoicing over the very first voice mail!